10 things more embarrassing than asking for the morning after pill


57% of women surveyed told us that embarrassment was the main reason why they didn’t feel comfortable talking to a healthcare professional when asking for the morning after pill.

Here at ellaOne UK we want to kick the stigma and empower women to feel confident about the choices they make – starting with a list of things that are way more cringe than standing in the pharmacy asking for emergency contraception.

  1. Being caught having sex by your parents – nobody really wants to even discuss their love life with their parents, so when they walk in on you committing the act of love, bare bums and all, it’s time that the ground opened and swallowed you up.
  1. Leaking on your period at work – sometimes it can’t be helped, but nonetheless it’s far from ideal when you accidentally brand your office chair AND your cream skirt.
  1. Farting yourself awake in front of your partner – we went red just writing that sentence. We have all been there!
  1. Bending down to pick something up and hearing the rip of your jeans…the one day you wore a thong – sometimes the booty just can’t be contained and in situations like this one it’s best to dust yourself off, embrace your inner Beyoncé and find the nearest clothes shop.
  1. Accidentally sending a message meant for your crush to your family chat – because your family really want to know what you and your man are going to get up to later.
  1. When you open your bag and your tampon stash falls out – it happens to the best of us. Sometimes tampons just need to be set free to shower themselves across the floor of the most inconvenient places.
  1. Getting publicly stood up – the rise of dating sites has made cat fishing and being stood up a normal occurrence, but it doesn’t mean that it becomes any less embarrassing, not to mention the complete waste of make up!
  1. Your parents grilling your new boyfriend about their life – parents ask questions that normal people would never think of, so let’s hope your new beau doesn’t crack under the pressure.
  1. Having an accidental nip slip in a room full of people – it happens to the best of us, even when we’re taped in Kim Kardashian style.
  1. Mistaking a stranger for your friend and getting a little too familiar with them –we’re advocates of spreading love throughout the world, but some people aren’t so keen on strangers enthusiastically hugging them, mistaking them for a mate.


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