Pillow talk

How to be an ace communicator in the bedroom


Start as you mean to go on

If the thought of talking dirty during the act makes you feel awkward, then start by sending some flirty texts beforehand to set the scene.

Be positive

If something doesn’t feel good, rather than telling your partner what’s wrong, focus on asking them to do something you know you enjoy. Like “I love it when you do…”. That way they’ll switch it up without feeling bad they got it wrong.

Words don’t say it all

Groans, moans and sighs of delight are a great way to let your partner know they’re pressing the right buttons without the need to find the words.

Sign language

Use your hands to gently guide his to where you want them to be – he’ll appreciate the direction!

Body talk

Responding to your partner’s non-verbal signals can be just as telling – so keep an eye on how their body is reacting too.

Sharing’s not caring

If things aren’t going quite right in the bedroom, don’t be tempted to share the news with any mutual friends. If it gets back to your partner they are likely to lose their trust in you, and it’s bound to be awkward on the next dinner or night out.

Forget the ex

Nothing is guaranteed to spoil the mood more than talking about previous sexual experiences. Save those memorable stories for nights out with the girls.

Do some research

A great way to get inspiration for the bedroom is to flick through sex guides and women’s magazine websites with your partner. They’re full of fun ideas that are a bit more realistic than the stuff you see in erotic movies and will get you talking all the way upstairs.