You only take the morning after pill the morning after unprotected sex.' Fact or fiction?

Can you only take the morning after pill the morning after unprotected sex? 

Almost half of people answered ‘yes’ in a survey by ellaOne*. So, if you’re one of them, you are certainly not alone. 

The nickname ‘morning after pill’ for oral emergency contraception can be misleading. Depending on the type of morning after pill, they can be effective for up to 72 hours (pills containing levonorgestrel) or, in the case of ellaOne (containing ulipristal acetate), up to 120 hours after unprotected sex. 

The most important thing to remember is that any emergency contraception will be most effective the sooner you take it because it works by delaying ovulation. The ellaOne team recently took to the streets to ask the public whether they had heard this myth, and asking them whether or not it was Fact or Fiction. Some of the people we met knew their stuff about oral emergency contraception, and some of them learned some new facts from playing Fact or Fiction with us.

It’s easy to see why so many people believe this myth. At ellaOne we often use the term ‘morning after pill’ because it’s more commonly used than ‘emergency contraceptive pill’, and we want everyone to be able to access our information. 

ellaOne is on a mission to change the narrative around emergency contraception to ensure everyone has access to accurate information to help them make an informed decision about their body.

 If you would like to help the campaign, share our content, talk about it with your friends and spread accurate information when you see or hear these myths being repeated as facts. 

Together, let’s spread #FactNotFiction.

*Data from a survey of  1027 British 18-35 year olds

ellaOne® 30mg film-coated tablet contains ulipristal acetate and is indicated for emergency contraception within 120 hours (5 days) of unprotected sex. Always read the label