The ellaOne question

The ellaOne question is a video series where we take to the streets to ask the public what they think about sex education, contraception and the morning after pill.

VIDEO: ‘The morning after pill causes an abortion.’ Fact or Fiction?

Video: Is taking the morning after pill a responsible or irresponsible decision?

Video: Do you think there is a stigma around the morning after pill?

Video: What do you wish you had learnt during your sex education at school?

Video: Do you know how the morning after pill works

Video: Did you learn about the morning after pill at school?

Photograph of a participant in the video. Text says 'ellaOne Question'.

Video: What do you remember from your sex education at school?

Video: Did you have ‘the sex chat’ with one of your parents?

Video: Can you only take the morning after pill the morning after?

Video: Why is taking the morning after pill embarrassing?

Video: Are women judged for taking the morning after pill?

Still from the video showing two young women

‘The morning after pill can make you infertile.’ Fact or fiction?