Do you know how the morning after pill works?

Do you know how the morning after pill works? The ellaOne team asked real people on the streets this very question and it turns out a lot of you are a bit confused about what emergency contraception does.

The morning after pill works by delaying ovulation, so no egg is released and the sperm has nothing to fertilise, so no pregnancy can begin.

The term ‘morning after pill’ is misleading, because you can take ellaOne, the most effective morning-after pill*, up-to five days after unprotected sex – although it is most effective when taken as soon as possible.

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Emergency contraception is a conversation steeped in stigma. Most of us know what it is and where to get it, but it seems no one wants to talk about it.

Taking emergency contraception is treated as an admission of behaving irresponsibly when, in reality, the opposite is true. ‘The morning after the night before’ is a lingering taboo, but it shouldn’t be.

It’s time to empower women to embrace this conversation. We are breaking the taboo about emergency contraception and encouraging women to come together to normalise this ‘issue’.

No morning after comes without a story: we want to cultivate a sense of community by educating, empowering and encouraging women to embrace their unique experiences.

By sharing our stories, supporting each other and speaking openly about the morning after pill, we can stop women feeling isolated or ashamed by this experience.