Is taking the morning after pill a responsible or irresponsible decision?

Do you think the decision to take the morning after pill is responsible or irresponsible? In the third installment of the ellaOne question, we asked the British public what they really think about emergency contraception.

The ellaOne question is an ongoing series of video interviews in which the My Morning After team takes to the streets of the UK and asks people about their opinions on sex, contraception and the morning after pill.

Deciding to take emergency contraception to help prevent an unplanned pregnancy is a personal choice that anyone with a uterus has the right to make, but studies by ellaOne, the most effective morning after pill*, show that 58% of those surveyed felt embarrassed or awkward when accessing emergency contraception, while only 11% said they felt confident.

ellaOne is on a mission to ensure that anyone who wants to access emergency contraception is able to do so without shame or embarrassment. It is your body and your choice, so no one should make you feel bad about taking control of it.

By talking openly and honestly about emergency contraception, we want to show people everywhere that they, and they alone, have the right to decide whether they want to try and prevent an unplanned pregnancy.

These conversations need to be had, so help us spread the message by sharing this video on social, joining the conversation via our submissions page and help break the taboo by talking openly about emergency contraception with your friends. We can end the stigma together, but we need your help.