Love In The Time Of Corona

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As the news constantly reminds us, these are ‘unprecedented’ times. This doesn’t only apply to business and politics but extends to our social lives and maybe most noticeably our love lives.

Whether you are isolating by yourself or with a partner, have been married for 10-years or only hooked up a few weeks ago – The Lockdown is changing our relationships dramatically.

For some, this isolation period is a welcomed change but for others, it has proven challenging. People are separated from partners that they have spent no less than a week away from while others are locked down with long-distance loves.

As much as this period may make you miss your significant other if separated from them it also encourages you to be more adventurous.

Bad Zoom dates, FaceTime diners and successful sexting: We asked people how they’re keeping the fire alive during this quarantine period…

The rule of P’s: Post, Porn and Phones

When your partner is your best friend isolating isn’t so bad:

This is not the time to be a slow texter! Embrace the vulnerability and excitement of treating sexting like digital foreplay:

From long distance to love lockdown miracle, for some, isolating with partners is a dream come true:

Sometimes absence makes the heart grow fonder but if you are still looking for fire, take a trip to the virtual adult supermarket and don’t be afraid to experiment:

Let’s hear it for the single ladies:

Time to take this to the Bed-Zoom…

So, there you have it. Even in The Lockdown you guys are finding creative ways to keep the romance alive.

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