Listen Up: The My Morning After Podcast Is Live!

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My Morning After Podcast
My Morning After Podcast

Get your headphones ready people: ellaOne’s My Morning After Podcast, a four-part audio series featuring journalists, activists and artists, is available to stream and download this week!

In the #MyMorningAfter podcast, you will hear Gina Martin, the woman responsible for making upskirting illegal in the UK, discussing her personal experiences of emergency contraception.

You will learn about the often-overlooked institutionally racist history of contraception with Dr Annabel Sowemimo, co-founder of the Decolonising Contraception campaign.

You will even join Alexandra Haddow and Tolani Shoneye on a journey to discover the elusive femidom.

Our fabulous host, sex journalist and seasoned podcaster Alix Fox, will guide you through the podcast with bite-sized facts, personal anecdotes and all the puns you could possibly wish for – and then some!

Alix discusses some of your Morning After stories with our guests, who give you their advice and opinions while sharing stories of their own.

Since ellaOne launched the My Morning After campaign to challenge the stigma which surrounds emergency contraception, we have made history with the first emergency contraceptive advert to be shown in UK cinemas, we have taken to the streets to discover what YOU think about sex education, and you have sent us hundreds of real-life My Morning After Stories which highlight the continued need for our campaign.

Whether you’re plugging into your headphones on the commute, while tapping away at an essay, or just going about your day: this is the sexual health soundtrack of the summer.

Don’t know where to start? Check out our episode guide below

Kicking things off in episode one, Alix Fox is joined by comedian Alexandra Haddow and podcaster Tolani Shoneye who share their experiences of the morning-after pill.

Alix teaches Alexandra and Tolani what a femidom is and we get real about whether contraception is a shared responsibility between male and female partners.

In episode two, Alix meets Gina Martin – the activist who made upskirting an illegal offence – and journalist Coco Khan to relive their school sex education (or lack thereof…) and ask what the hype is about virginity and ‘doing it’.

Coco and Gina share their advice for being confident and in control should you choose to purchase emergency contraception.

In episode three, journalist Kieran Yates and illustrator Natalie Byrne talk about the representation of contraception in the media – when was the last time you saw a condom in a sex scene?

They also discuss self-confidence and the importance of finding your voice.

Last but not least, Monica Karpinski, editor of women’s health website The Femedic, joins Dr Annabel Sowemimo as they shed light on the unethical history of contraception.

As both Monica and Dr Annabel have worked in and around healthcare, they share their insights of how people’s experiences shape their relationships towards contraception.

Click here to listen to the My Morning After podcast and learn something new today. My Morning After: putting taboo to bed.

Have you ever taken the morning after pill? Join the growing movement of people who are standing up to the stigma by sharing your story below.

Words: Sophia Moss

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