I would very much recommend ellaOne®


Written by: Anonymous

I just wanted to say thank you so much. I needed to take emergency contraception after a condom split. I had to go to a pharmacy once before a few years ago for the same reason and although I know I shouldn’t, I felt a huge amount of shame and judgement from the pharmacy.

I was brave enough to go in there and ask for it however I was then asked to take a seat and a pharmacist came and questioned me about why I needed it, when it happened etc etc right in front of everyone waiting in-line which was horrible to say the least as there is a lot of stigma about taking the morning after pill (people always seem to assume you had had a one night stand or are stupid and young).

So this time I chose to order ellaOne through your website, the delivery was so fast and also the packaging was so so so discreet. I’m so thankful for what this company is doing for women’s health. 5/5* for everything I will speak to my friends that if they are ever in a similar situation, I would very much recommend ellaOne.