I asked for ellaOne as I'd seen that it is 'the most effective' morning after pill

Illustrated portrait of a woman.

Written by: Anonymous, 24, London

I’d had sex three days beforehand (should have done it straight away but I was deliberating), and went into the pharmacy and asked to use the consultation room as I was a bit nervous and didn’t really want other customers to hear me.
The pharmacist came off of his lunch break to speak to me which I thought was nice.

He was a middle aged man so I was a bit worried about it being awkward, but he made me feel at ease and was really kind while we talked through my situation. I asked for ellaOne as I’d seen that it is ‘the most effective’ morning after pill and he told me how to take it and everything.

He also told me about a scheme in the area where women could get emergency contraception for free (he had to fill out a form with my details, and other details about the consultation), which I opted for. Overall I had a really good experience and left feeling cared about and happy.

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ellaOne® 30mg film-coated tablet contains ulipristal acetate and is indicated for emergency contraception within 120 hours (5 days) of unprotected sex or contraceptive failure. Always read the label.