I didn’t ask him to use a condom. I felt embarrassed to

Illustrated portrait of a woman. Written by: Anonymous, 18, Wiltshire

I took the morning after pill on two occasions. The first time was after a one night stand I wish hadn’t happened. However, it wasn’t until two days after I went to get the morning after pill.
I had taken a pregnancy test the morning after, not fully understanding how and when you should take a test. Luckily for me, my sister informed me that I could still take the morning after pill, so I went to my local pharmacy and avoided an unplanned pregnancy.

The second occasion, I had unprotected sex with a friend. I didn’t ask him to use a condom – I felt too embarrassed to ask, like it would make me seem square or something. So I got the morning after pill by myself the next day. I was even too embarrassed to mention to the pharmacist that I was still in full time education, worrying that they would judge me.

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