I will always be thankful for having the opportunity of such a "rescue" at that moment

Illustrated portrait of a woman.

Written by: Anonymous, 24, Liverpool

When I was in Poland, I got paranoid about the possibility about getting pregnant with my boyfriend (had some fun, didn’t think it through; the risk was probably minimal, but I panic easily and I really wanted to be sure I WON’T get pregnant).
You can’t get a “morning after” pill in Poland without prescription, but fortunately two days later I was flying to Liverpool. I went to the first pharmacy I saw on my way home and approached the desk, stressing out, unsure what to expect.

The lovely lady took me to a small separate room, where we had a little chat – she made sure that I knew what the pill was, how it works, that it works using hormones and it shall not be treated as a contraception. She was gentle, tactful, caring and supportive. She gave me all of the information I needed and tried to calm me down.

I almost started crying, because I knew something like this would never be possible in my home country. I felt a bit swollen and bloated in next few days and a bit upset. I didn’t get pregnant. I will always be thankful for having the opportunity of such a “rescue” at that moment.

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