My girlfriend and I were caught in the heat and had unprotected sex

Line illustration of a man.Written by Anonymous, 27, Nepal

Me and my girlfriend were caught in the heat and had unprotected sex. In the middle of it, we realized that she was ovulating.

I didn’t ejaculate at all but we were panicking because she was fertile and were worried that my precum could get her pregnant. We took the morning after pill 3 hours later to make sure she didn’t get pregnant. We got so stressed out that both of us couldn’t sleep or relax for 3-4 days. We were worrying day and night.

That’s when I found this forum, the common stories put us to ease and helped us relax a bit. Her period came today right on time without any side effects. If you are reading this then you are probably worried like we were. Try to calm yourself. If you took the pill to be extra sure then just relax and be patient. I hope my story helps someone else to stay calm.

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