We have a new baby and my husband and I weren't willing to risk another pregnancy

Line illustration of a woman.Written by: Anonymous, 30, Cornwall

We realised the condom had come off and had a rapid discussion about whether to wait for my period to arrive in 4 or 5 days or get emergency contraception.

We have an 11 month old and my husband and I weren’t willing to risk another pregnancy so soon after what had been a complicated pregnancy that ended in pre-eclampsia and c-section.

I called the pharmacy, arranged to pop over and the male pharmacist was brilliant, he went through the required questions on the phone then had the tablet waiting for me and made it simple to just collect pay and leave. Still embarrassing for me but there we go. Hopefully it works.

ellaOne® 30mg film-coated tablet contains ulipristal acetate and is indicated for emergency contraception within 120 hours (5 days) of unprotected sex or contraceptive failure. Always read the label.