Why does the woman always have to be shamed?

Illustrated portrait of a woman.

Written by Anonymous, 28, Cardiff

Probably one of the most embarrassing medications to ask for, in my experience is the morning after pill.

From the judging looks to the stares of other customers knowing exactly what you’ve just asked for and assuming you’re an irresponsible woman.

Once I did the awkward “I’m here to get the morning after pill” spial to the pharmacist and then I had to wait half an hour just hanging around awkwardly in the shop to be seen. I was seen by a middle aged man. He asked me a few generic questions then laid into me “mansplaining” about the use of other contraception. He didn’t even ask if I had used another form of contraception first. I wanted to scream at him “I’m 24 years old, I know how to use contraception. I did use contraception, however the contraception broke. I am taking responsibility for my actions.”

Alas there was no comment about the Male taking responsibility for his actions. In fact I barely remember the after effect the pill had on me, my period came, it was more painful than a usual one but not unbearable. It was more of a relief that the contraception worked. What I do remember though is the judged feeling and the feeling of “why does the woman always have to be shamed and take responsibility”.

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