Did you have ‘the sex chat’ with one of your parents?

Did you have the ‘sex chat’ with your parents as a child? Did your mum awkwardly leave a ‘Birds and the Bees’ book on your bed and never mention it again, or were your parents trying so hard to be cool about it that it made you cringe?

The ellaOne Question team recently took to the streets of London to ask people about their ‘sex chat’ experiences: the good, the bad and the incredibly awkward.

One thing we realised from the responses is that a lot of people never talked to their parents about sex.

We understand that it’s awkward, but being open about these conversations is the best, and probably only, way we can destigmatise sex and help people feel more confident taking charge of their bodies.

This could be sorting out their contraception or asking for the kind of sex they actually want.

As Glen Wiseman, a sex educator and Brook champion, says: “Young people are not used to situations where other people are comfortable talking about sex.”

‘These conversations are always shut down at school or at home. If we're not able to be open and talk about things in the family home, we're going to speak to friends in the playground or we're googling stuff. When you google sexual terms, you'll find images, videos and from there we see a lot of pornography can be seen as aggressive. It’s not a healthy way to learn about sex.’
Glen Wiseman

Our ellaOne Question series is digging deep into what YOU think and how you think sex and relationships could be dealt with better.

At #MyMorningAfter, we want to encourage people to feel comfortable talking about sex, pleasure and consent as well as emergency contraception.

Stay tuned for our next video and help us end the stigma that surrounds emergency contraception by sharing your #MyMorningAfter experience below.

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