Six Sexy Xmas Facts

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What’s your favourite thing about Christmas? Mince pies? Carol singing? Kissing underneath the mistletoe?

From the ‘baby boom’ in September, to reports that 50% of people have sex on the day itself, something is definitely in the air.

Maybe it’s the messages of love and goodwill to all men, maybe it’s doing something to keep you warm during those long cold winter nights but something about the festive season has us jumping in the sack (not Santa’s).

ellaOne have conducted a sexy investigation into your festive frolicking, and here are our six sexy Xmas facts…

I’m dreaming of a White Christmas

Did you know that men’s sperm quality rises in the winter? A study published in 2013 found that healthy men produced 70 million sperm per millilitre of semen in winter, 5% of which had fast mobility – making those strong swimmers determined to reach the egg.

If you are not hoping to start a family just yet, remember: contraception is not just for Christmas, it’s a year-round essential.

It’ll Be Lonely This Christmas

PornHub reported that 32% less UK users login on Christmas Day for some festive viewing.

Whether that’s because a distant cousin is camping out on a mattress on your bedroom floor, because you can’t move for all the turkey you’ve eaten, or because you would rather re-watch Home Alone than an *ahem* romantic film – we aren’t sure. Maybe Christmas really does bring people together…

Santa Baby

Remember when we said that safe sex is great sex every day of the year? Well, the most common birthday in England and Wales is September 26th. That’s right – almost 9 months to the day after Christmas Day.

If you don’t want to be a parent by the time autumn comes around, don’t stop at wrapping up presents: wrap your willy too! Wear a condom! You can wear Santa hats too – just make sure your partner wears a condom.

I Saw Mummy Kissing Santa Claus

Santa’s outfit, Rudolph’s nose, Candy Canes… there’s a lot of red around at Christmas time. We’re not suggesting that Santa in the Coca-Cola advert gets you going, but there is some science behind how our monkey brain responds to the colour red.

Psychologists know that red grabs our attention – which is why your WhatsApp notifications flash up in crimson, or why it is used to signal danger.

It can inspire feelings of hunger, as per Burger King, KFC and McDonald’s signage, and feelings of anger ‘like a red flag to a Bull’.

Because red is such a stimulating colour, it is also often associated with sexuality and desire. Red lipstick, racy red lingerie and red shoes are all provocative symbols.

Maybe we’re all just feeling a little hot under the collar thanks to all the red surrounding us during the countdown to Christmas…

Home For The Holidays

Because everyone knows a family who live in a Christmas cake decoration
Because everyone knows a family who live in a Christmas cake decoration
‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house, Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse, Apart from Emma, and her new boyfriend Joe, Whose bed posts were a-rocking to and fro.’

Going home for a holiday fling is a trip down memory lane… all the way back to your childhood bedroom. Always an awkward experience: your family home becomes an obstacle course of embarrassing school photos, teenage diaries and posters of Busted still plastered on the walls fresh from 2001.

A survey by Men’s Health found that 53% of respondents would be fine having sex in their old bedroom. Even more shocking: 34% would have sex during a family gathering. We certainly hope the walls are soundproof, you’ll put Grandma off her Christmas cake.

All I Want For Christmas Is… Anyone

All the single ladies, put your hands up. have found that Christmas is peak time for users to take a leap of faith and send flirty messages to potential flames. In the week running up to the big day in 2012, users sent three million emails.

In 2017, Tinder crashed on the evening of the 16th December with 40% of users unable to log in to their profile – possibly due to the number of single Kris Kringles looking for their Mrs Claus.

So… However you get down this Christmas, there’s only one thing that will land you a spot on the naughty list: and that’s having unsafe sex.

Get your contraception sorted, but if something goes wrong and you find yourself in need of a back-up, some pharmacies will be open on Boxing Day where you can purchase the morning after pill. You can also buy the morning after pill online for click and collect or home delivery.

We think it’s time women felt confident when purchasing the morning after pill. Break the stigma and share your story here.

We think it’s time women felt confident when purchasing the morning after pill. Break the stigma and share your story here.

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