I learnt my lesson: check the expiry date before using condoms

Illustrated portrait of a woman.

Written by Anonymous, 25, Australia

We had been flirting with each other all semester and finally did the deed after a few drinks to celebrate the end of examinations.

I wasn’t on the pill then, but he had condoms. I thought, “great! we’re safe then.” After we finished, he asked me how long condoms can be kept for, because he hadn’t used them in a long time. I checked his box of condoms and they expired one year ago. Not wanting to risk it I left in the morning and went to the pharmacy on my way home and got the morning after pill. The peace of mind was worth it. Lesson learnt – check the expiry date BEFORE using condoms!

ellaOne® 30mg film-coated tablet contains ulipristal acetate and is indicated for emergency contraception within 120 hours (5 days) of unprotected sex or contraceptive failure. Always read the label.